Turkey Brine Solution (wet)


  • Large brine bag or bucket large enough to hold your turkey
  • Enough water to cover turkey
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Lemon/ or onion
  • herbs


  1. The brine solution can be done in many ways. An easy way to have a good brine is balance of water and flavors. You want to have a salt water like solution which the meat will absorb.
  2. For my 15 lb turkey I did a ratio of 1 gallon of water / 1 cup salt / 1/2 cup sugar / spices (rosemary, thyme) / 1 lemon
  3. Remove any giblets or neck form turkey. I did this in a large bucket, added water and mixed ingredients until dissolved then placed turkey in solution. I covered lid with plastic wrap and refrigerated overnight.

Recipe Notes

You can add as little or as many ingredients to the solution. I suggest try new ideas with different seasonings to see how unique you can make your turkey come out.
Using a brine will help the turkey retain moisture throughout the long cooking process.